100 Word Challenge Week 3 September 24

This week our blog topic is a picture! Who knows what this picture will do to inspire your writing!!!

Make sure you create your best piece. focus on your ideas and details, description, and order (content and ideas, organization, word choice, voice, sentence fluency, and conventions)

Here is the picture! Create your prompt!

18 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge Week 3 September 24

  1. One morning I woke up and got dressed to go to a history museum. We started driving. It only took us 20 mins to get there . We went in and started checking out the sea section. I noticed that there were lots of fossils of animals and sea animals that do not live anymore to this day. Then we moved on to the dinosaur section. I noticed that there were alot of bones mixed up together. I wonder what type of dinosaur bones were mixed with other dinosaur bones. There were many dinosaurs I was thinking about. There are so many types of dinosaurs that’s why it took me awhile to think of them. Finally we moved but when we did move on I was still thinking of the bones I saw.

  2. Damian 100 WC Week 3
    This morning, a new museum opened, and a paleontologist found dinosaur skeletons located in Westminster! The halls were charming, the tiles were clean, and there was a lot of space, so it was a perfect place to study and build the skeleton bones. The skeleton pieces were huge, and we’re all at least the size of a large rock, with such extensive details in a large bucket! The paleontologist had called an exciting event to watch him try to build it, and it took days, but in the end, he figured it out, and it turned out to be a Brachiosaurus skeleton!

  3. Katreen 100WC week3
    Last night I went to sleep and had a dream/nightmare. In the dream/nightmare I woke up for school and opened my sock drawer but since I was half asleep I didn’t realize how big my sock drawer was, when I opened my sock drawer my eyes went wide open!
    “AHHHHH” I screamed. I ran to my mom and woke her up! “MAMA, THERE IS A SOCK MONSTER IN MY DRAWER!!!!!” Oh boy was I so wrong my mom went to my room and said “nothing is there?” I rubbed my eyes and she was right. I was laughing so hard and said sorry.. “sorry he..he:)”

  4. Zoe 100 WC week 3
    I love going places, especially the museum! When I go to the Nature and Science Museum in Denver CO I see so many bones of prehistoric animals. It is cool to see some of the ones all set up and with missing pieces. You wonder what happened to some of them. Some of the structures are small and some are big! Once one of the structures had bones and I mean big and small, BUT they were somehow stuck together. I was thinking to myself how is this possible?/! I kept on going to the museum just to look at that structure. Until it wasn’t there.

  5. 100 word challenge week 3
    It was a normal day at school. Josh was in class listening when the principal Mrs.Prickly bear said hello class in a scratchy voice.Hello Mrs.Prickly bear the class droned except for Josh.Mrs. prickly bear he snickered excuse me the principal said in a harsh voice what did you say said Mrs.Prickly bear said and turned to him slowly come to my office said Mr.Prickle bear.Ok Josh said in a shaky voice a few minutes later they were in her office.Whoa Josh said this is creepy I like it that way said Mrs.Prickle bear then he saw a glass room.and the minute she left he peered into the room and the minute he did he should not have dont that it was a giant brain.

  6. Peyton 100WC Week 3
    Come on Carl :said Paul. I am just looking at it, Carl said. All of a sudden the lights flickered
    Off and the cameras turned on. Paul looked over at the weird ball oozing out green goo
    And said: Carl, when did they put an oozing feature in the ball?. They never did, Carl said right when the Ball exploded ooz all over the glass on the inside. Then the glass shattered all over the museum room leaving Carl and Paul covered in a glowing and green slime. Carl wiped the ooze off of his Glasses and then looked at the pile of wood which once was a great wooden ball now was floating and transforming into a wooden Slimer with glowing Green eyes and mouth. P..PP…PPP..P..PAUL said Carl reaching for his flashlight but as soon as he Grabbed it the wooden Slimer Roared and slime came out getting slime back on his glasses and blowing vases, pots, and bones at them with it’s Roar covering them with artifacts.

    1. Hi Peyton,
      Well done on your story, it would make a great movie I think. There is lots of action and I can see the green slime in my mind. Don’t forget to use speech marks on spoken word.
      I’d love to read what happens in the next chapter of your story.
      Ms Brennock
      Team 100 w/c

  7. 100 word week 3 What an amazing day

    What an amazing day. Travel said after finishing up math then he went to after that he went to science and after that he was gone he wanted to leave because he did not want people knowing
    about his clay ball. so he said to go to a house because that was travels way of saying he does not want to stay at school. He knows more than all the other kids and teachers. because why would he lie? It’s because he is the smartest person in the world.All because of a clay ball that was magic and also people were looking for.

  8. gracie wc week 3
    One day I want to the play ground. Then I went to the science room. In the science room there was a big ball. I was scared because it looked like bones and cardboard so I asked my manager and he said that it was a MONSTER BALL. I was scared so I started to cry because it…. Was a monster growing out of it. I ran back home to my kids. We hid in the room 2 hour later. There was a knock at the back window. It was my mom who told me that they killed the monster so we went to the store then to the movies.

  9. Logan week 3 100 wc

    What is this I had said to the teacher how am i going to write about that. I thought I knew this rock had many bones when I looked at it. What is this? I see a warrior probably from world war two. He looks like an American. Jeff! The teacher had been calling my name and telling the class what they saw. I took a deep breath. I hate sharing my thoughts in class. I see a warrior on the left who looks like he is hiding so I think this was hand carved that someone made for someone.

  10. Anaya 100WC Week 3
    I had such a weird dream last night about how I saw something kind of like an asteroid coming from all directions. It looked like a ball of logs, broken steaues, and a bunch of random things. When I woke up something flashed before my eyes, for a moment I couldn’t move I got so scared becaus…. . “Mom what was that”? “Just stay in your room I’m coming now” “Ok come quick please” (crying I told her) “It’s asteroids” my mom had said. “Nooooooooooo”. “Stay calm we will go into your closet which is the safest place to go in.” I was so scared…. .

  11. Zephiah 100wc week 3

    Senja woke up on a friday morning and heard exciting news that his class will have a chance to compete in a multiplication competition to win their class tickets to fly to the Museum of Strange objects and Oddities.Once he got on the bus he thought ¨I can win that prize! Just gotta ace this math test¨. On the day of the test Senja knew 5X5 when asked he shouted “25!¨ After his class won Senja got the prize ticket in the mail. Senja´s favorite exhibit, The Ball ,was open and the rest is history.

    1. Hello Zephiah,
      What a creative idea for your story. A multiplication challenge won by Senja’s class earned them a trip to the Museum of Strange Objects and Oddities. That is a museum I would love to visit.
      How did the photo prompt fit in? It was a display called The Ball.
      Ross Mannell (Team 100WC)
      Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  12. 100Wc Cam week 3

    One day this man named Jack, a Reporter who went to a Museum of art.He saw lots of abstract art. All of the paintings were mesi but the art was super cool and looked so good.He walked around for a while before he found what looked like a giant ball of clay but he imagined it being a big ball of gas so he wrote about it.Once he got back to his house he wrote a story on,but then he got caught up and said “what will i write on this page’’…

  13. Addie 100wc week 3

    One day I went to the art place. I asked my mom if I could have some money. She said yes I got 20$. I went to the gift shop. When I was walking to the gift shop I saw something. It was a big ball of wood made out of clay. Well it looks like it. I asked someone who works there. He said that they didn’t know anyone new. I camp on looking at it and then I start walking to the gift shop. I got a paintbrush and some paint and paper. I walk back and start to paint it.

  14. Jacob week 3 100 wc

    One day I went to the museum and then I Saw this western poetry thing and thought about what is it telling then I thought to myself to read about it and then it said that its how the people would fight and then I saw it say that this is made from an indian I thought wow how did they make this like that it’s so beautiful then I saw an tour of the place that I looked at then went to see it then I went on it and had so much fun.

  15. Brenda week3 100 wc

    I think It look likes a brain but made in bones and the reason I think It that is because it has the shape of a brain and the little teteles like it has little things poking out of it and that is what the picture shows and it’s cool because it look the same like a brain and the other thing it looks like is a big ball of snow and the reason I think that is because when you roll a little snow ball and you roll it in the snow it will get bigger so that is what I think.

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