100 Word Challenge Week 1, September 10, 2021

This week our blog topic is a phrase you must include somewhere in your piece. You have to use this phrase exactly!

Make sure you create your best piece. focus on your ideas and details, description, and order (content and ideas, organization, word choice, voice, sentence fluency, and conventions)

The phrase is …so, what will I write on this page…

44 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge Week 1, September 10, 2021

  1. Arienne 100wc week1
    So what will I write on this page? Well I will write about taking care of a dog. Taking care of a dog can be a hard job. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort and a lot of practice. Taking care of a dog means you must show it you care for it and will help it if it needs it most. There are a lot of steps to taking care of a dog 1st: clean up after yourself and the dog. 2nd: make sure to take it for walks and play with it every now and then. 3rd: give it the right type of food whether it is a grown up or just a baby. 4th: take your dog outside every 1-2 hours. 5th: train it before letting it stay out of its kennel. 6th: never feed it human food cause there are certain types of food that can kill dogs. 7th: DO NOT LEAVE: rubber bands, legos or anything that you think the dog might want to eat! 8th: be nice to the dog so that way it does not bite or have to put it to sleep because its a bad dog

    1. Hi Arienne! I really love how you wrote about how to take care of a dog! Some people don’t have a dog but maybe if they get one they can get advice from you! I also love how you said 1st 2nd and 3rd during the story, it really organizes and puts this story all in one piece. This is a very organized writing piece!

    2. Hi Arienne! I really liked your story because if there was a new dog owner and they read your story it would tell them a lot more about dogs and how to take care of them!! 🙂

  2. Peyton. M 100wc Week 1
    So What will I write on this page? Asked the students waiting for Mr. Saliman to tell them what to write on the page. Mr. Saliman replied: A story which involves the 6 things of the writing Sundae.
    Like how I am Cam´s Bodyguard Asked Zephiah. Sure Said Mr. Saliman It Just has to Have 100 Words. Why? Said Ryan. Because It Is Part of the 100 Word Challenge. Then out of Nowhere Jacob jumped on his desk and started doing FortNite dances and of course Cam jumped on to his Desk and started doing FortNite dances. Finally They went down the hall still doing Dancing.

    1. Hi Peyton!
      A lot of times when writers don’t know where to start with their writing, they do exactly what you did-observe and write down what’s happening around them—or what they wish would happen (did Cam & Jacob really jump on their desks? 🙂 If so, what a sight! 😲)!
      Keep writing!
      Francine (Team 100)
      Twin Cities, Minnesota 55082

    2. Kia ora from New Zealand Peyton.
      This is such a fun idea, and sounds to me exactly like my classroom where all sorts of random things are said and done! All the way through, your teacher remains calm and accepting of whatever is going on = just like me!
      Great stuff!
      Ms M #100WC

    3. Hi Peyton
      I loved your writing.It had many details.I liked how you made Jacob jump on the desk and cam joined in.Your story is so funny I loved it.

    4. Damian G Duran
      I really liked how you connected the 100WC to the classroom and included the personalities that Cam and Jacob have.

    5. Hi Peyton
      your story is funny.i like how you said “Then out of Nowhere Jacob jumped on his desk and started doing FortNite dances and of course Cam jumped on to his Desk and started doing FortNite dances. Finally They went down the hall still doing Dancing”.

  3. Jacob 100 word challenge Week 1

    So what will I write on the paper? That’s what i thought when i was typing in the class.then I
    thought of a book then started to write on the computer.The magic tree house then went and said Jack and Annie were both scared when they went into the tree house.They saw all of these books and took one and read the book and teleported back in time then got done. After school ended I went home and at night I played catch and had two smores in my hand then went to brush my teeth and bed

  4. Katreen 100WC Week1
    There was a 100 word challenge that I thought was interesting. So I sat up, listened to directions, and started writing. I really want to be a writer when I grow up because I love writing. I’m a really creative person so with all my talent I started writing my 95-105 words. When Mr. Saliman was teaching and talking about the 100 word challenge I had an expression, my expression was happy and excited. So when he assigned the assignment I stood up straight and started writing. Here I am writing the 100 word challenge:)

    1. Hi Katreen i really like how you put some strong words in your writing made it like a sundae. You told your exprassion to this and how it made you feel. How you were starting to write your challenge.

    2. hi katreen
      i just wanted to say that wow that is a really good story because you have to do the challenge and you write how it went for you and this really open my eyes – great job .

    3. I like the comedy on how you said I started listing to him and great job. You took what you are doing now a put it down on a page. You took the challenge and wrote about it on the challenge.
      I know if you add more it will be amazing.

  5. Brenda 100wc week 1
    One day I was on a feel trip going to the zoo when I got there I started to look every were with my friends and her mom so when I was looking ever were I see on the side of me that there was a horse I when and look at it more and from there to my left I see a baby pig and when to see it more and I sole the mom and the dad with him and we sole more animals and an I was a really nice day and we when home.

  6. Logan 100 wc Week 1
    There one was a boy.He was really in to writing he write when ever he could. one day he saw a book when he opened it when it was open it was blank all the pages are blank. there where five hundred pages at least more He bet he thought he could write on it he thought so what will i write on this page . The book said that he should write about school then stop talking. The boy loved this so when he went to school and will need to see what happens next.

  7. Zephiah 100wc week one

    Ahh Joey woke up to the sound of his alarm. Mom, joey yelled “I don’t wanna do online school “honey you missed three days of school!” Joey goaned “ok class, get a piece of scratch paper and drew how you feel today. So what will I write on this page maybe a rainy cloud because i don’t like school.” After that Joey was tired and then he heard that there was a snowy day tomorrow and he logged off his meeting and ran “fast faster faster.” Joey yelled to his mom “MOM on my birthday it’s a snow day i’m gonna finally be ten really honey.” THE END!

    1. I like how the kid Joey is like I hate online I would like to be in person and his mom is saying that he can not miss online school.

    2. I really liked how you used the dialogue between joey and his mom in your story. Another thing is that the details really point out whats happening in the story. like showing how he doesnt like school and he is excited for a snow day. My suggestion is that maybe you can explain what he doesnt like about school and where this taking place.

  8. Anaya 100 WC Week 1 87
    It was another day of school over, “finally! I get to go home”. Noooooooooo “homework I don’t want to do more work,fine I guess I’ll do it. “Anaya you better get your homework done before you do anything else.”(According to my mom) So I have to do XtraMath which takes about 15 minutes to do,then I have to read for about 30-40 minutes. “Shutting the book”and… DONE! Yay. “Mom I’m done ok let me see” “ok coming”. Alright, now it’s time to put everything away. “Ok done with that now I can start writing”. So what will I write on the page

    1. Hello Anaya! 🙂 I really liked your story, I really enjoyed how all the emotions were in some parts of the story. (I can also relate to your story a LOT) 🙂

    2. Hi Anaya
      I really enjoyed this piece because of all the detail and explanation you put into this writing. You used emotions, dialogue and so much more that I can’t even explain! I can really relate to this:)

  9. Maddy 100wc week1
    If people don’t take care of their animals then I’ll take them away from the people that are not treating them right . When animals are homeless, I Will adopt them and bring them home . if Animals are in a cage I will unlock them. I will walk around the city and tell everybody that if you own a dog and tell them not to, leave your dog outside because the dog will die without food a
    nd water. and all the cold or hot .

    1. I like how you said about how we should take care of animals and make sure they get a home for them. But to hold all of them it would take 200 white houses to hold all of them.

  10. gracie 100 wc week 1
    Hi, what will I write on this page ow I know that one day. I was at my old old house and someone opened the door slowly. I was scared so I yelled so loud that my mom got scared and my dad jumped so high up.Then they called the cops because it was a robber robbing us. Then the police got to our house. It was Christmas so we invited my brother to our house.Then we told them all that happened to us the past two days.Then my brother took us to the pool with his kids I had so much fun.

    1. Hi Gracie
      That would be so scary for someone to just come in your house like that! I have a couple glows and grows though about this piece. for my grow maybe add more details to your story like what did the cops do for this problem? Did the robber get arrested? My glows are that i like how you explained what your reaction and what your parents reaction was. If you add more details I´m sure your piece will be better

  11. Zoe 100wc week 1
    I love soccer. It is my favorite sport. I got onto a new team recently, and my coach is really nice and cheerful! Once in a while we will write in our notebooks. He will ask you a question and we have to answer it in our notebooks. It’s fun!
    And one time he asked us a question, and that was… “how do you think you did in the tournament”? I was thinking “so what will I write on this page”? And then I got it. We did so well on our passing so I immediately wrote it down in my notebook!

    1. Hi Zoe, I really liked the way you used ” so what will I write on this page”. You did really good and I love the way you wrote your story.

  12. Addie 100wc week1
    I woke up and I got to school. I had math then I had writing. We had to write a assignment. I kept on thinking. So what will I write on this page? I finally got an idea it was something. I wrote about my soccer. It was my soccer game last Sunday. We won it 5 to 2. I got a goal. I play forward. It was really fun. Then I was done with my assignment. I got to share it with the class. My class loved my piece . I went to lunch. It was good. Then I went home.

    1. Hi Addie!! I really liked your story because of the transitions between the places! I thought that your writing was very good and where you put the phrase in the story was a good spot!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. Phuri 100wc week 1
    So I went to school and asked Miss lulu what will I write on this page¨. My teacher said ¨you will write a story¨. So i wrote Fall is a good season to be in because the leaves fall so you can jump in them. I turned it in and my teacher said “ you did great”.Then we did more things then I went to lunch when we came to class we did more stuff then we went home. I told my mom everything I did. Then I wanted to play outside so I did. Then I went to sleep. Now I am done.

    1. Hello Phuri,
      It can be hard to be asked to write a story. You need to come up with a good idea then write it down. Your idea to write about Fall worked well. Well done.
      Down here we are in the opposite season coming into Spring.

      Ross Mannell (Team 100WC)
      Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  14. Why videogames are good for people

    Video games are good for people because they help eyesight and also it helps you move around your hands a lot more And it helps you become more active. There are many games like fortnite,minecraft,roblox and I can go on and on.

    And also video games are very good for people because it helps people to socially interact with others.

    And people who don’t like to interact [video games help them because they’re not really interacting but they’re also Interacting so it helps them to interact more online so they can do more talking in person.

    1. Hey bailey I realy liked how you wrote about somthing you liked and it tought me somthing and it was interesting but overall it was a good story good job.

  15. Damian 100WC Week1
    I was thinking “so what will I write on my page”, so I started reading a book called Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero to get ideas. It was about these 3 people: Jason was a boy that could fly and is the son of Zeus, Piper was a girl that could charm speak and is a daughter of Aphrodite, and Leo is a boy that can make fire with his hands and he is a son of Hephaestus. After I finished reading I knew what I wanted to write about.

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