100 Word Challenge Week 11, November 19

This week our blog topic is a special climate change prompt. Our responses are part of a project from a university to see how kids feel about what is going on in the world (COOL!) Choose one of these questions to write about!

Make sure you create your best piece. focus on your ideas and details, description, and order (content and ideas, organization, word choice, voice, sentence fluency, and conventions)


This week on the Climate Change Challenge, I want you to think about TRANSPORTATION.

This is something that affects us all whether it is our trips locally or longer journeys across the world.

This fun graphic is to get you thinking about these questions:

  • What is the best form of transport & why?
  • How does the way you travel harm the planet?
  • Do you think long-distance travelling should be restricted?
  • What would be the effect if people could not travel?

18 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge Week 11, November 19

  1. Damian 100 Word Challenge Week 11
    Animals have always piqued my interest. What do we do to them when they constantly aid us? We only squander and exterminate them. We only do that, and it’s not proper! I make every effort to assist them, but it’s difficult with my sister, who constantly restrains our pets! However, I sometimes feel like I’m not doing enough to help them. I conducted some study at home and discovered a method I might assist even more: instead of using gasoline, which causes acid rain and pollution and puts animals at risk; I could walk and bike rather than burn fuel.

    1. Hi Damian,
      Well done on always trying to help our planet and the animals on it. It’s not always easy and there will be setbacks. But you are doing your best and trying your hardest to make a difference. That’s great to hear. Keep up the great work.
      Ms Brennock
      Team 100 w/c

    2. I really like the way out have linked your interest in animals with this week’s transport prompt, Damian. You have reflected very well on the link between the transport choices we make and the effect on the animal world. You have used some very powerful descriptive words, too. ‘Squander’ and ‘exterminate’ are both very effective.

  2. Arienne 100WC Week 11
    What would be the effect if people could not travel? Well the reason why it would affect us is because we would not be able to go visit our families and we could not explore or do any fun activities with others. Plus what if you want to go back to your home country where you were born but you can not because you can not be able to go. Also what if you were going to visit a friend that lives in another but again you can not cause you can not travel. So this is what I think this is what the effect would be.

  3. Zoe 100WC Week 11
    The best way to travel without harming the environment would be by using an electric car. I think this because it does not produce gas and it is not harmful to the air we breathe. Everyone has been somewhere, if it’s on a train, boat or even plane people are still going to go somewhere. In my opinion cars are the most used. If one out of five people use electric cars we are already a little closer to making climate change go away. Yep it is as simple as those little things, use anything you want just tell yourself “Help the environment”.

    1. Well done Zoe, I think you are correct. We can all make small changes that together add up to a big change.
      Keep on making a difference.
      Ms Brennock
      team 100 w/c

  4. Katreen 100WC Week 11
    I think the best way of transportation in my opinion is Trains because they are nice and easy to get where you want! Another reason why trains are the best way to travel is to relax and have some peace and quiet and relax! You can sleep and do what you want! Amtrak Coast Starlight is the top rated train because the seats are comfortable and have a good view! Trains are also the best way to transport because you don’t have to pay for gas but you do have to pay to get on! That’s why I think Trains are the best way to transport/travel!

  5. Addie 100wc week 11

    One day I was riding on my bike. I saw a lot of people in the car and I saw planes too. That got me thinking that is bad for the world because smoke came out. My bike did not do this. I want to go back home to write. I put it in my book and it said I think when it is a close place you should bike or walk to it. If it is a far place you should take a car or a cab. Then I want for a bike ride. It was fun and no smoke came out.

  6. George 100WC Week 11
    Biking is the best travel cause it does not release carbon dixode directly into the atmosphere. That´s important to the enviroment cause then it will help stop global warming. The bike does not harm the planet in any way shape or form. Long distance traveling should be not be illegal cause then you can’t see your family and no one wants that. The effect of not traveling any more will cause a mass out break of protesters. To travel again we can see are family we can do fun things or then just stay where you are in your state no long distance traveling is bad or even not traveling.

  7. Peyton M 100 WC Week 11_
    The World would be very different without Transportation. People would not be able to go anywhere or leave where ever they were unless they walked hundreds of miles. People on islands like Hawaii would be stuck on their island
    and if the island had a volcano they would be doomed for when it erupts. People would not be able to go to schools far away from them, leave what ever area they were in, and people would not be able to get the stuff they needed.

    1. Hello Peyton,
      You are correct, the world would be very different if we weren’t able to travel far. We might only be able to travel as far as we could walk. It could be like the world was before all of the explorers opened it up.
      Keep writing and sharing.
      Ross Mannell (Team 100WC)
      Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  8. gracie 100WC week 11
    One day it was time for school then I ate breakfast. After that I left on my bike to school. That day I did not expect this to happen…It was Friday I was about to go to break from school. That’s when I went to school .My friend came with me to school on the bike I used to always always wait for her outside her house so we could go to go to school one dayI thought I saw her at school but it was just her twin sister and I did not know so I started telling her sister thought of stuff like what does she get on her grade for the test I told her I got an A+ she told me she got a – F I got worried because I thought she was going to get held back but it turns out that she did not gets held back from there I have to change schools so I never saw her ever ever again I don’t know how her life is going on now .

  9. Brenda 100wc week 11
    I think the best way to travel is in a plane because it does not take a lot of time to get the the other state you want to go .You will not get tired and you can sleep .You will see the states you are passing well you are trying to get to the other state to and it will look really cool . It will be safer because if you take a car you can crash because you never know if there are crazy people out there. If you are on a plane you will not crash in less the plane gets out of controle but it is not going to happen all of the time .That is my opinon you can have a different opinon and that is okay.

  10. Logan 100wc Week 11
    I think the best form of transportation is a plane. because it is the most efficient and safer than a car that can also take multiple people. A time instead of one family it can take fifty families. This does harm the planet because it uses a lot of fuel which can cause global warming. one thing I also think is that long distance traveling should be allowed because it connects us with the world. If people could not travel we would not know about any other culture so there would be one culture per country that is what we should be able to travel.

    1. Kia ora Logan. Great observations about air travel! I really enjoyed reading about it. I especially like your thoughts about people connecting (in person) with other people from different parts of the world. Keep up the excellent writing Logan!

  11. Anaya 100WC Week11
    Have you ever wondered about the best form of transport, because I’m about to give you some facts about why flying in an airplane is the best way to travel. One thing I think is best about flying in a plane is that when you think it’s going to be long,it doesn’t take as long to fly as it would when you drive or bike. Also it’s a great experience of flying in a plane. Sometimes if you have someone in your family that works for the airlines that you take, sometimes, like me, we get to go on planes for free sometimes because me and my mom fly buddy pass.

  12. phuri 100wc week 11
    So if I said which ones would hurt the earth I would say a couple of them and they are the train, the rocket ship, the airplane, the taxi, the boat, the gas tank, the bus and helicopter. The hot air balloon and the bike would actually not hurt the Earth. I don’t like the fact that they have all of these things that kill the planet.Which one I used to travel is the car, how that’s hurting the Earth is it’s giving gas out to the earth. Which one is best for traveling is probably the bike if you’re going not very far but if you’re going up in the air you should use the hot air balloon.

  13. Bailey 100WC Week 11 Cars ,planes and boats what do they all have in common they are used for transportation you might think what is transportation it is how people get to work or to school without it we will and would be in the same place for our life so if you might think transportation is useless but it is not how will we get to school or work without transportation so if you think that transportation is useless think again on how you would get from place to place without it because it still was no transportation we could not walk.

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