100 Word Challenge Week 2 September 17

This week our blog topic is a list of words. You need to use all of these words in your blog entry. They can be anywhere in your prompt. They don’t need to be in any order or connected! Make sure you create your best piece. focus on your ideas and details, description, and order (content and ideas, organization, word choice, voice, sentence fluency, and conventions)


22 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge Week 2 September 17

  1. I woke up and looked at the calendar, IT’S THE WEEKEND WOOHOO!!!!! So then I wanted to make slime but only a little bit. So I got the white glue and started making it. It didn’t work and it was very gooey and sticky (uhhh GROSS) glitter accidentally spilled in there. So I threw it away and started washing my hands and scrubbed real hard because it was not coming off! So I made another batch of slime but it was very minuscule. So I kept adding white glue to it to make it bigger but it was no use! I added clay but a little bit of it!

  2. Jason woke up on a Saturday morning feeling like a sticky zombie. After that he felt so asleep that his mom picked him up and brought him to the shower where he started washing off and getting ready for his cousin’s birthday party. On the way there he remembered always seeing this big white skyscraper that finally had color and looked minuscule from a distance. Once he got there he ran up to his cousin’s room and saw a pink calendar just there with a marvel character. After that Jason played outside and ate cake. The cake had a real unicorn horn on it while playing outside he though can I get one of those calendars and then he woke up to go to his real cousin’s birthday party. THE END

    1. Hello Zephiah,
      I wondered about the happenings in your story but it seems Jason was still asleep and dreaming. It can be amazing the strange things happening in dreams.
      I also saw you used all prompt words. Well done.
      Ross Mannell (Team 100WC)
      Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  3. Zoe 100 WC week 2
    When I am at school I will look at the white-board for directions. Sometimes the words are really big on the board and sometimes very minuscule.So most of the time when I look up I have no idea what I am doing?/! So it is difficult to get work done. The calendar/date is normally on the board so when we write on our sticky notes and we have to put the date down then I just look up at the board. And also when my class goes outside we are always washing our hands because we need to stay safe! 🙂

  4. When I got home from school I went to my room to change my calendar for the next month and when I grabbed my calendar something sticky and white was on It . I was wondering what it came from so I asked my little brother if he knew anything about it. ¨ No sis I do not” so I went to grab some spray to wash it. I figured out that it was minuscule. I went to ask my mom to see if she knew anything about it and she said “ Oh yea i forgot to tell you the dog was in your room”. so it was the dog huh, I thought to myself instead of focusing on that I went back to having my day.

    1. Congratulations on your response to this week’s challenge Arienne. It’s not easy to create a coherent text using random words. Lots of readers will have a connection to your text – a brother and a dog as possible suspects. I liked the variety of sentence lengths you used. It made your writing interesting to read. I enjoyed reading your writing.🙏😊

  5. Peyton
    I once was home schooled by my mom and it was the worst school year ever and even on Holidays every day on the Calendar except on weekends. The days went as if it is a piece of gum sticky gum stretching because the 2 ends are on minuscule white snails backs going in opposite directions on carpet. Then one day Home school was over and it felt like the gum was washed off.

  6. I love babySitting my dog and cat when it was time to babysit my Dog and cat. I was so excited. I got out of my bed and brushed my teeth and I was eating my favorite breakfast. and then. I got my dog Bailey and my cat Nala then it was time for me to give Nala and Bailey breakfast. I gave Bailey some water and nala and then it was time for bailey and nala and i put nala and bailey.

  7. It was a summer day. I had just set up a slip and slide. I had been washing it all week because it was a dirty and white thing that didn’t stay clean. It also gets sticky. I had been waiting all week. My calendar had this day marked off. I had already invited all my brothers. I made sure that even a minuscule amount was not on It at the time it worked. We had the best time ever because we had so many people fall. This was amazing. I know I will want and will do it again

    1. Hi Logan,
      Your writing took me back to my childhood memories of cooling down on hot days with friends. What fun!
      Great use of the prompt words and fabulous description of the slip and slide.
      Well done,
      Michelle, Team 100wc,
      Melbourne, Australia

  8. Anaya 100 WC Week 2
    It was just one morning, I was just waking up when all of sudden I felt my cat walking on my face. I knew that meant she was hungry so I got out of bed and started my morning by feeding her. Then I took a shower so I could wake up some more. When I got out I checked my calendar to see what I had to do today. It said I have to wash my clothes, so I did. I put all my sticky clothes in the washer with some bleach so it can get the white back. My calendar was minuscule today.

    1. Wow Anaya this is a good writing piece! I like how you put some parts of like chores and taking care of your own animal. ( My cat dose the same thing to me) I think you can add more detail like what was on your shirt that made it not white anymore stuff like that. Other than that this is a really good writing piece.

  9. Brenda 100wc week 2
    When I woke up I went and looked at the calendar and I saw it was September 16 so I rushed to take a shower and I put on a white dress . then when I was walking I step in something sticky but I did not care because I was already late to go to school. so I just went like that but when I got there a kid was coughing and a minuscule piece of his saliva touched me and at that point I just know that it was my bad day .when I got home i whent to clean my shoe from earlier so I just whent to sleep.

  10. Gracie 100 WC week 2
    One day. I woke up and I went to my calendar. It was sticky. It was my pet rabbit that peed on it. Her name is white. She is so cute but I had to go wash the dishes and. I am still washing the plates and she is my pet rabbit who was hungry so I finished washing the plates because she was hungry, so I fed her and now I am at school now. My desk was wet, it was minuscule.It was a good day.

    1. Hi Grace, bunny rabbits can be naughty! I like how your story delivers the message about what you have to do as a responsible pet owner. Well done.

  11. Addie 100 WC week 2
    One morning I got out of bed. I looked at my calendar. The day was Monday September 13. I got ready then my mom asked if I could wash the dishes. I said yes, so i was washing the dishes. I eat a white muffin for breakfast. I walked to school and saw a minuscule guy when I walked to school. I got to school. We read a book. When something was Important we put a sticky note in. We went to recess and lunch. I ate lunch with my friends. played at recess with my friends. Then I went home

    1. Hello Addie, you have written a good account of a day, providing some detail to keep the reader engaged and informed about what was happening. Well done.

  12. Damian 100WC Week2
    There was a new insect discovered. The calendar said it was on
    January 9th, 2020! It was a minuscule creature, it was very sticky, so if you touched it, you might want to start washing your hands! It was a beautiful shade of white; everyone loved the color! Sadly, It often causes diseases like Covid-19. It was disliked across the world and exceedingly feared. Scientists, however, were very interested in the insect; they wanted to know why and how it was so sticky. They risked a lot to figure out why it was so sticky. A warning: do not touch this dangerous insect!

    1. Hi Damian,
      I enjoyed your story this week. I like how you have integrated the Covid virus into your writing.
      You have done a great job with the prompt words! Well done.
      Ms Brennock
      Team 100 w/c

  13. phuri 100 wc week 2
    So I went to school. After PE we played with slime it was super sticky. I looked at the calendar and it said it was National Sticky day. and I was wearing a white T-shirt. That was a mistake! So I grabbed water on a paper towel and tried to wash it off but it didn’t work so I had to wait till the end of school for none. At the end of school I changed my t-shirt so I couldn’t have slime on it anymore. Then my mom watched it and I never wore it until I got tie-dyed. I wore it again and we were playing with slime because it is National Sticky again and it got dirty again.

  14. Jenada woke up and the first thing she decided to do was look at her calendar this morning and she thought to herself, something is missing. She heard the sound of her mom washing dishes and she yelled ¨hey, where are my sticky notes for today!¨ she screamed angrily to her mom Deborah. She saw the blue ones and hollered, ¨mom where are my white sticky notes?” On the white ones her mom brought to her room, stomping, she wrote miniscule letters that said, ¨BE QUIET AND YOU ARE LATE FOR SCHOOL.¨ Jenada was scrambling to get ready.

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