100 Word Challenge Week 28, April 8

This week our blog topic is a phrase you must include somewhere in your piece. You have to use this phrase exactly!

Make sure you create your best piece. focus on your ideas and details, description, and order (content and ideas, organization, word choice, voice, sentence fluency, and conventions)

The phrase is … the building shook and then …

11 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge Week 28, April 8

  1. Damian 100WC Week 28
    I charged, and fell, dropping my sword . He brought the blade down. I grabbed the sword with my right hand, got up, and blow after blow, I delivered the kill. I felt so guilty. I had an idea how I did it. I switched hands. I always used my left hand; because my entire family was left handed. I turned out to be right handed and won. The building shook and then it stopped, just like that. But in the middle of the field there was a warrior in green armor. He had a green sword and bow. I walked up to him and stared.

    1. Hello Damian,
      As I read, I could tell you would like stories of knights, swordsmen and battles won and lost. I wondered what the future held for you after being confronted by a warrior in green armor but that would be another story.
      Keep sharing your creative ideas.
      Ross Mannell (Team 100WC)
      Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  2. Peyton.M 100 WC, Week 28 2022__
    A Vortex of sand started to form in city square. The sun felt hotter than ever before and leafs started to burst into flames. The building started to shake next to the vortex and shards of concrete flew off the side walk and building and were devoured by the vortex growing bigger. from the dessert around the city sand flowed throw the dessert from all directions and rushed like a tan river of sand and met at the growing vortex. A silhouette of a wyvern made out of fire started to climb out of the ground in the center of the vortex. It flew up into the air then the fire turned into sandy tan wyvern hide and gold armor a pharoh wears with the mandibles of a camel spider then shot a blast of gold flame like a waterfall going backwards in the air.

  3. Zephiah 2022 100wc week 28

    “Quick get out, run run run , you’re being escorted.” The city of Sioux Falls was getting hit by a tornado and Jamie was a little kid in the horrible tornado.” She was 8 at the time. And we have her here on the pow pow podcast hello, so how did you escort, I was in my apartment and all of the sudden the building shook and then about everybody passed out and the building smelt like fire and then I was out and eventually woke up in a hospital and the government paid everyone one million and I have recovered and have lived a good life.

  4. Jacob 100 wc week 28 4/8/22

    One day I was woken up by my alarm, then the building shook and then I woke up. It was a dream, then I thought that I was going to be on time for school. but my dad forgot to wake us up for school because he fell asleep on the couch. So when I asked him he said that he fell asleep and forgot to wake me and my sister up. so I was bored and wanted to do something so I watched anime for the rest of the day and then I went to bed.

  5. Brady 100WC Week 28
    These two dudes around the city and they walk past a building that was being destroyed Because they’re putting a movie theater there. The Next day, They walked by the building and they heard a bunch of noise. The building shook and then It fell to the ground. It caused a lot of traffic And it was stanky. The whole city smelled of sewage for a whole month before they cleaned it up. The dudes went back to the place after 2 months and they explored the crushed building and so far They found a gas tank that was going to be lit on fire. Buy some man fire suits and a match. Her accidents will drop the match on the gas tank and burst into flames. The two dudes ran immediately out of there and one of them got hurt. They went to the hospital and got really good care and they both lived happily ever after.

  6. Anaya 100WC Week 28
    One morning I was heading up to work, in a building that looked just like the twin towers. For a second I thought I was actually in one of the buildings. All of a sudden,on the intercom came an urgent announcement. “Please stay in your office”,the building shook and then immediately fell apart. I was very nervous, I felt like I was in the twin tower incident. It smelled like gas,and a bunch of toxic chemicals, which made me want to throw up. But luckily it was able to stop then an hour later,but there was still a lot of damage .

  7. Ian 100WC Week 28
    12 year old John looked out the plane window. He was going to Japan to see his uncle. Once he landed he went to a hotel to meet his uncle. They went to a restaurant to eat and The building shook and then… he ran outside and saw a giant wave. “ A tsunami,” he said. They got in the car. As fast as the cars could go the tsunami got closer by the second. Then all of a sudden water! Everware the car window broke he jumped out of the car and held on to a tree waiting for the water to go down. His family was OK they were found and then rescued.

  8. NIcola100wc week28
    Today I’m going to the very very tall building. that building has 100 floors and is very large. I am very excited!And I came to the building and it was so beautiful. I came into the top room and I saw the good food and the long table. It had red table cloths. And looking at the ceiling I found the chandelier. That chandelier is very beautiful. And the building shakes and then the chandelier falls down on me. And I go to the hospital. The doctor is not very good at his job. So now I am dead.

  9. Leslie 100WC Week 28
    On September 11, 2001 the twin towers fell, also known as the World Trade Center. 2 Airplanes zoomed over buildings and headed for the twin towers then. IMPACT the buildings shook and then……………. BOOM! They fell, taking 2,996 lives with the falling towers. All over the U.S.A. we thought we were going into war everyone was scared and everyone in the air force thought they would go into war and some of them were young and Frightened that they might not see their families again. Families were scared for their lives and their friends and family again.

  10. Maddy 100WC Week28
    One day I was waiting at the front of the door waiting for my friend she came! We went in my room and i said lets play outside and then i realized
    It was raining I said I will be fine we can play And she was okay with it big rabbit jackets in our boots and Rain hats And when he jumps in puddles we went for a little walk then because we felt like walking and then It started to rain really hard so we Inside this building and it got really windy and then it kept raining really hard until flood happened Then there was a tornado happening! The building started to shook We got to go as fast as we could and we hid behind the building and then the tornado stopped and then the building fell down. Me and my friend never walked Over there Again because tornadoes happen a lot over there a lot.

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