100 Word Challenge, Week 4, October 1

This week our blog topic is a special climate change prompt. Our responses are part of a project from a university to see how kids feel about what is going on in the world (COOL!) You will need to use this phrase somewhere in your piece.

Make sure you create your best piece. focus on your ideas and details, description, and order (content and ideas, organization, word choice, voice, sentence fluency, and conventions)


Many parts of the world are experiencing severe drought. The prompt is to help you think about what it might be like to experience it. It is:

…I have never seen the river bed so dry…


13 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge, Week 4, October 1

  1. Along time ago their was an explorer that went to a desert that people say that it was so dry that all the animals their died! He took his jeep to go to the desert it took him about 2-3 hours to get there but it was worth it. When he got there he started to look around trying to find somethings that he can research when he was walking he found a river bed and he told himself ¨ Wow never in my life have I ever seen a river bed this dry¨ saying with a sad look on his face. He kept walking and said ¨ Well I better head home¨ so then he went still thinking about the river bed.

  2. Zoe 100 WC Week 4
    I have never seen the river bed so dry. When I am going on walks around the neighborhood I will always go to the pond. And on the way there I follow the stream to take me. But one day when I was on my walk there was no water left in the stream! I kept running thinking that there was hope at the end but nothing. Nothing at all. Just this weird black goop at the end. I was devastated thinking there was never going to be water again. Sadly walking by the dead fish I reached home. To never think of it again.

    1. Hello Zoe!
      Your use of the word “devastated” exactly describes how I would feel if the water disappeared from the lake near my house.
      Keep writing!
      Francine (Team 100)
      Twin Cities, Minnesota USA

  3. Damian, 100 Word Challenge Week 4
    I have always loved water; it feels good, hydrates you, and can even make you feel better! Water always seems like the most crucial thing in the world; it always seems that way for me, so this morning I asked my mom if I could walk to a river to hear its soothing sound and peacefulness. When I got to the river, I realized that it was so dry and I had never seen the river bed so dry, and it seemed a little bit hotter than usual, and I thought “The climate has changed!”! So, I knew there could be a drought.

  4. Katreen week 4100WC

    One day I went up to the mountains with my family and we saw a lake so I went in the RV and got my swimming suit on. I ran over to the lake to take some pictures but I was disappointed. “Wow… I have never seen the river bed so dry before” i said. I still took some pictures but I was still disappointed. I ran back to the RV but my sister was crying because she’s dramatic and wants everything her way:/ We went farther in the river and we finally saw somewhere to take GOOD pictures. I was happy:)

  5. Peyton M 9,29,2021 100 WC
    Pollution is affecting everything but mostly it has affected the Earth with global warming and pollution itself. Man I have never seen the riverbed so dry before and the reason it is dry is because of global warming. Global warming is also affecting the seasons like Fall and Winter. Now Because of global warming Fall is now like Spring except the plants start dying unlike the Spring and the Winter has not as much blizzards as Before.

  6. Zephiah 100wc 4
    I woke up and went to my living room to see that East Anglia where my best friend Jorge lives is in a MASSIVE drought so I hurried down stairs to call him. “Yo Zephiah my home is in a massive drought. I know I saw it on the news are you ok? Yeah, I went down next to Cambridge and I have never seen the river bed so dry!.” I went to my kitchen to tell my mom. After that I was of to school. My teacher taught us about the drought and I told him I talked to my friend about the drought.

  7. Jacob 9/29/21

    Wow I’ve never seen a water bed so clean when me and my dad went hiking then we thought to go to the gas station then we went and got a lot of food and nachos then left to go hiking with my dad friends then we drove to them got drinks and left in there car then it took us so much time then we got to an flower farm then i thought why not look in side of it then we played went home and got some pizza and I went to my room and then went to sleep

  8. Anaya 100WC Week4
    One day I was going to the mountain to go see the world’s most famous river. I was taking a nap when all of a sudden I heard….“We are here, wake up sleepy head”,my mom had told me. So I started to slowly wake up. I yawned and got out of the RV. My parents had asked me why I wasn’t excited. I told them “hello I just woke up ?”. About two hours later we had hiked up a mountain to see the world’ famous river and when we got there I said “ I have never seen the river bed so dry before”.

  9. So I was going to Wisconsin. I crossed the Mississippi River and it was super dry I said”Why is the river bed so dry?”My grandpa said” it’s because the The climate is changing.” I said” why is the climate-changing? “My grandpa said it’s because no one is taking care of the Earth.”I said “why is no one taking care of the Earth?”My grandpa said” it’s because people are just letting every one take all the water through the sewers.”I said “oh okay we’ll just get back on our drive.”We continued on our drive next day we got to Wisconsin there was barely any water.

  10. Brenda 100wc week4
    One day I was so excited because it was the first time I was going to go camping .When we got there we went to are spot to camp.We got setted up but first we when to look around the woods to know it better for the day we are her .But when we were walking I said ‘’I have never seen the river bed so dry before.’’ Then after that me and my family went to try to make a fire to get warm because it was to cold, but we go it . We been doing that for 4 more day there then we went home .

  11. The dry river bed

    One day i went to the river and thought i had never seen the river bed so dry Jane said looking at the dry river bed i’ve never seen it so dry Jane said crying because there were rocks on the ground and Jane had no socks or shoes on and then she was cold because the river was cold and she did not see the book that said that to not go in the dry river because it will pull people to the bottom but no one knows what’s at the bottom of the river bed.

  12. Addie 100 wc week 4

    One morning I got up. I went to go play outside. I went to look for any water to play. I have never seen the river bed so dry. usually it is really full. So I went to find more water to play in and drink. It was super hot. I camped and walked . Then I shall water I run and I jump into the pond splash. It was fun. I play in the water. It was kind of deep. Then I went home and I had the same breakfast. Toast an egg and some water.

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