100 Word Challenge Week 6, October 15

This week our blog topic is a special climate change prompt. Our responses are part of a project from a university to see how kids feel about what is going on in the world (COOL!) You will need to use this phrase somewhere in your piece. Make sure you create your best piece. focus on your ideas and details, description, and order (content and ideas, organization, word choice, voice, sentence fluency, and conventions)   As you know all parts of the world are being affected by the change in their climate. Here are five words for you to use in a post about these changes. As always, you must use ALL 5 words. They are:



21 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge Week 6, October 15

  1. Jacob 10/11/21 100wc

    One day I saw this scientist and he said that he’s overwhelmed that the green trees are getting cut down,thats causing the species to make it hard to live.Its getting more hot in the wild for the animals then I thought lets go see and try to go help.when I got there I started making videos on all of the animals that are having their homes taken from them.Then this man came to the place to get the people to stop cutting the trees down then they stopped and went home.

    1. Jacob,
      I like how the narrator took action and made videos. Raising awareness is an important step that can lead to important change.
      Keep writing.
      Mrs. G., Team 100, Guilderland, NY, USA

  2. 100 word challenge week 6

    I was in my classroom and I got a little suspicious about my teacher Mr.Ed. I always got to class early but he did not know that, because I always waited by the door until the bell rang.Today I was standing by the door and when I looked in the classroom I saw a green alien I ran so fast to tell my friends that there was a species in the classroom they did not listen I was so overwhelmed I got hot and angry. I did want to be a scientist and discover new things but not like this.

  3. Anaya 100WC Week 6
    One night I was getting ready for my first day of work the next day. I was so nervous but excited to become a Scientist. The next day I was really nervous on my way to work. When I got there they had put me right to work, trying to figure out why certain species of animals had a green like slime consistency. I was very overwhelmed trying to figure out what the problem was, as to what was happening to all these species. I had to do something like trying to get the green stuff off, it was very hot and I burned myself.

    1. Hello Anaya,
      Your story shows it’s not always glamorous to be a scientist. It can be hard work.
      You made good use of the prompt words. Well done.
      Ross Mannell (Team 100WC)
      Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  4. Arienne 100WC 6
    One time there was this scientist and he was doing a science experiment and he could only finish it until tomorrow! The scientist was so overwhelmed he had to make a science experiment that was green hot involved with species and something sticky. He thought and thought and thought and he kept thinking “ what if I do slime?” Then he realized that slime was not involved with species so he kept thinking and thinking “ hmm what if I made a green animal collector and a really sticky sculpture?” He decided he is going to stick to that. The next morning he woke and got his experiment and headed off to work. When he got there he was the first to share his so he got a little stage fright and started to say “ Hi my name is John and what I have here is my brand new experiment called the species collector and it can glow in the dark .” So on and so on. Later that day he.got home and fell on his bed and then thought to himself “ Will my experiment be the best out of all?” He dozed off and fell asleep.

  5. Peyton M 100WC Week 6
    There was a scientist named Landon: he was a Marine Biologist. Landon loved his job out in the field because he got to climb hot cliffs, Dive Underwater. Then one day, there was a national competition for scientists. You would have to find the most New Species in 3 months to win. The winner gets $100,000, so he entered the contest. After three months, he discovered 4 New Species, and he won the competition. The first thing he did was buy a boat, New Tools, a 3D Printer, and a Green small exploration submarine To find a Solution to Global Warming.

    1. Hi Peyton!
      Your writing sounded like a really great summary of a book about the brilliant marine biologist Landon and his fascinating adventures! I’m curious what four species he discovered-were they being harmed by global warming?
      Keep writing!
      Francine (Team 100)
      Twin Cities, Minnesota USA

  6. Zoe 100WC Week 6
    I love being in the wild! Hi I’m Zoe and it has always been so green and hot when I go out in the mountains, maybe with a little breeze to go along! When I look down the mountain I get very overwhelmed thinking about what could happen. But on the other hand when I am up high in the mountains fewer animal species live up there. It is weird to think that scientists go on the tallest mountains just to get more facts but risk their lives! I would be a scientist but maybe not one that has to go super high on mountains.

  7. Addie 100wc Week6

    One day I got up. I was super tired. I got my green scientist notebook out. I was going to see why climate change happens. I went outside and I was out there for hours. I was getting overwhelmed. So I went inside and I was getting a cup of water and some food. I was super hot. I went outside and I saw a species of wild cat families. Then I was going to look at why climate change happens. I was learning so many things but it did not do anything with climate change. It was getting really dark. I went back inside.

  8. Damian 100 Word Challenge Week 6
    I had fallen to Tartarus again, a dark, misty place with many monsters. Though something felt queer, it felt warmer than the last time. Last time the doors of death had been forced open, and I had to fight my way to them because they could only be closed on both sides; the mortal world and the monster world. I was overwhelmed at the numerous times I almost died by the green species, the boiling river of fire, the shattered glass on the ground, and a ruthless scientist. I knew the climate was changing because Tartarus felt like it was increasingly dangerous.

    1. Hello Damien,
      You managed to create a monstrous world of Tartarus while trying to use the prompt words in a story. It was interesting to read.
      Keep writing and sharing your creative ideas from your imagination.
      Ross Mannell (Team 100WC)
      Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  9. Katreen week6 100WC

    One day I woke up feeling overwhelmed because my room was as hot as lava! When I went downstairs. I played with my mom’s daycare kids, I saw they were outside so I went outside. I couldn’t believe my eyes! The grass was so green it was greener than the trees during summer time (and they are very green) I decided to go on a walk to get some fresh air. I went on a walk and then, I saw a ditch which I went into because I like exploring things. I couldn’t believe my eyes again! I saw so many species! “Did the scientists do this?! Is this climate change?” I said while surprised.

  10. Phuri 100WC Week 6
    One day I went to a lab and I saw a scientist and she said ” Who are you?” I said ” my name is Luna and I love science. Can you teach me some?” She said “yes of course I can teach you some. My name is Doctor. Dragon.”I said” thank you. That is a beautiful name. Can you teach me some experiments about How the climate changes?” She said “that would be too overwhelming”.Then she showed me a green liquid.I felt the green liquid was really hot. Then she gave me a bag of spicy chips. I eat them all.

  11. Peyton M 100 WC Week 6
    Climate change is a serious Real thing and so is Global Warming and many many Scientists are trying to find the solution to them but First they had to Create a COVID-19 Vaccine and so they had to also worry about lowering COVID-19 to and One day they would day find the solution. Bbbzzzzzzz, yes I Have done it said The Scientist Overwhelmed with Joy. I Have created a Solution to Climate Change, said the Mad Scientist. Bbbbbbzzzzzzzz, be free Creation, The Mad Scientist Stares up at his Creation (which looks like a Giant Green Wasp) go cool down the Earth and Rebuild the Ice Caps.

  12. Brenda 100wc week 6

    One day I went to a Science lab and I was overwhelmed because It was a long way to get there but It was worth It. When I went Into the lab room I saw a lot of light green things and It looked cool.I asked the scientist that If they can glow In the dark and he said’’Yes they can that is why i’m putting them under the light .’’Ok thanks.“I went to look outside and I saw a lot of species. It was so cool I loved it.But after we needed to go home and when I got home I thought to myself, “What if I could be a scientist when I grow up?”

  13. Logan 100 wc week 6 Hi, I am Dr.Logan and I will blow your mind. Let me get all the things ready for this now. This will help us in climate change. Because if we don’t do it now it will be too late for a change. We are trying to stop the ice from melting because of the heat from global warming. This is why the sea is rising so instead of it being hot it should be cold. I know that this might make you overwhelmed.My plan is to make a cool green species to help.

  14. Gracie 100WC 6
    One day it was so HOT. I was in my class room doing some science experiments when a scientist girl came into our classroom. The girl was overwhelmed all day long.The sky was blue and my art teacher was green. That was so weird at first but then it was not. It is because she had to throw up. Then I went to my class where we learned about species. It was cool. Then I went back home and took a nap. It was the best nap in my whole life.The next day it was the worst day of my life!

  15. Bailey 100WC Week 6
    The New Change

    There was an overwhelmed scientist who just discovered a new green species. And it was extremely hot when he displayed it. Everyone thought that it was cool! The scientist knew this creature was dangerous. It wasn’t meant to be here, it’s from a different planet called Earth the monster said. Then after the scientist discovered that he was very scared because anything from that planet is known to be dangerous to people. The green species was extremely dangerous because it would shoot out green lava that burned people. Then after that it became donuts once the green lava was done burning them.

  16. Congratulations on your response to this week’s challenge Bailey. It is not easy to create a coherent text using random words. You generated interesting ideas. Remember to re-read your text to edit for punctuation and meaning before you publish. 😊🌻

  17. Yikes, Bailey, that does sound like a very scary and dangerous species! I certainly wouldn’t like to be squirted by the lava and then turned into a donut (and presumably, eaten!)

    Well done on your creative response to the text,

    Michelle, Team 100wc,
    Melbourne, Australia

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