Bridge to Terabithia


The last chapter was called The Perfect Day. Was this a good title for this chapter? Explain your reasons by elaborating. Add details from the book along with your reasons to write your quality answer!


Jess and Leslie got each other Christmas presents. Which gift do you think is best? Why? Use information from the book and your own thinking to explain your answers in a quality paragraph!


On page 46 it says “…Leslie was more than his friend. She was his other more exciting self-his way to Terabithia and all the worlds beyond.” So, what do you think this means? Explain your thoughts in a quality paragraph (at least one) making sure to really elaborate so your thinking is clear for the reader to understand!


You’ve just barely started Bridge to Terabithia. What do you think is going to be the most important thing that happens in the entire book? Why? Explain your thinking in a quality paragraph that includes your ideas and reasons!

14 thoughts on “Bridge to Terabithia

  1. Damian
    I think the most essential thing in the book will be Jess’ and Leslie’s friendship. Even though they had just met, it seemed like they might make a great bond later in the book.

  2. I think the most important thing that is going to happen in the book is that Jess might be able to make it to a race against a girl that he just met. So this is what I think!

  3. Anaya Bridge to Terabithia
    I think the most important thing in this book so far is that there is this girl named Leslie. Leslie seems to not like Jess and Jess seems to like Leslie. Leslie is very unhappy about having to be in Jess’ class. Leslie hates when Jess gets close to her in class, like when he had to pass out papers.

  4. So i think when it says Leslie is more than a friend like most of the time it
    Means like a romantic partner but sometimes it means like a best friend
    But most of the time it means romantic partner but i definitely think that
    This will be important later in the story

  5. When it says “Leslie was more than his friend”, I think that means that they may have crushes on each other, he likes her or she likes him. Also it could mean, because they were together for so long that they have become more than friends.

  6. I think when it says ” she is more than just a friend” I think this might mean that the longer they hang out with each other the more they get closer and might have fellings for each other

  7. This is what I think: Leslie helps Jesse imagine and have a part in Terabithia and allows him to be king, making Jesse feel special. Leslie gives Jesse a reason to wake up every morning because Jesse is excited to see Leslie’s new story. Leslie lets him be someone nobody has ever seen.

  8. Here’s what I think: I think that Leslie’s gift is better, not because of the gift itself. Even though Jesse gave her a dog, Leslie helps Jesse imagine beyond his limits.

  9. The best Christmas present I think is the puppy that Jess gave to Leslie because this might be a helpful thing because what if prince Terrien could be the guard and the prince at the same time??? Cause if anything bad happens then he can probably do something about it you know?

  10. I think the person who got the best gift was Jess because at first he had no idea what to get Leslie until he found the perfect gift. It was a puppy, that would be the guard of Terabithia. In my opinion, I think that the puppy being the guard of Terabithia is not the best thing to do because it’s still a puppy so whatever was to happen, the puppy could get hurt, but that’s their opinion.

  11. The perfect day why was this called this chapter? Well there might be several reasons but the main one is that Jess got to hang out with his crush Miss Edmunds all day. But at the end of the chapter its not so great… because Leslie is dead and that has problay turned Jess life around.

  12. The reason why the last chapter has a good “The Perfect Day” is because Miss. Edmunds took Jess and Leslie to a National Gallery, which both Jess and Leslie had never been to before. On their way to the National Gallery Jess was really really happy to be with Miss. Edmunds since that is his crush. When they had gotten there Jess thought that all the men walking by her were jealous because Jess was with her.

  13. Damian
    No, because if it indeed were a perfect day, Leslie would not have died. Leslie was one of the main characters! Leslie is a great friend and very generous. Without her, the story would be messed up!

  14. I don’t know why it would be called The Perfect day because someone dies now. I don’t know why it would be such a perfect day if someone died that would be terrible it wouldn’t be perfect. So I don’t know why the chapter is called The Perfect Day. That just doesn’t make sense to me.

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