100 Word Challenge Week 32, May 20

This week our blog topic is a list of words. You need to use all of these words in your blog entry. They can be anywhere in your prompt. They don’t need to be in any order or connected! Make sure you create your best piece. focus on your ideas and details, description, and order (content and ideas, organization, word choice, voice, sentence fluency, and conventions)

The words are…..……… ROUND… CABBAGE … BANG … GREY … NERVOUSLY

23 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge Week 32, May 20

  1. Arienne 100WC Week 32
    Me and my mom were getting ready to go to the grocery store when all of a sudden I heard this loud bang coming from upstairs. We ignored it and went to the grocery store. We were getting cabbages to make something for dinner and some other stuff to make for a surprise dinner. When we got home our whole house was destroyed by this big grey round thing. My mom and I were shaking nervously so we ran away from the house. It looked like everyone else evacuated so me and my mom did. Where are they going? You finish the story.

  2. Logan 100wc week 32
    I was just strolling through a neighborhood. when I found a round cabbage bang that was gray. I live in the city so I had never seen something like this. It was smelly. Then I nervously grabbed it and took it home. and told my mom she said it must be from the lush green hills in Italy back home where my mom lived. so the next day at school presented it and that’s what you’re hearing now the cabbage story. Great job Linda, you did great on your presentation. That was the dream I had last night, mom.

    1. Hello Logan,
      Dreams can include some very strange events so they give a writer plenty of room for ideas. You were able to use all of the prompt words.
      Keep writing and sharing your ideas.
      Ross Mannell (Team 100WC)
      Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  3. Addie 100wc week 32
    One day I was just at home. When my friend texted me, did you want to go to the farm? ok,But I was grounded because I did something. So I went downstairs nervously if I was going to get caught. But I did not. I went to the farm. We saw a round cabbage. We heard a bang.someone dropped something that was gray.it was so fun. Then I saw something and I walked to it. Then my friend said that is your mom right. I do not know. I asked my friend I was grounded and it was my mom.

  4. Zoe 100WC Week 32
    On my field trip to a farm I had a weird experience. Starting off with the fact that we had to farm cabbage, and let me say, this is my least favorite vegetable. After farming everyone went round, and round to make sure we picked all of it. After a while of being there it started to get very dark and I herd wolves! I was walking around nervously until I heard a bang. Once I heard where the bang came from I realized the gray wolf was an endangered species and was getting hunted down! This was the worst field trip ever.

    1. I really like some of the phrases you use I your story, Zoe, in particular ‘and let me say, this is my least favorite vegetable.’ I like the way you bring the wolf in to the story and explain that it is an endangered species. I agree, it sounds like an awful field trip!

  5. Peyton.M, 100 WC, Week 32, 2022__ “Bang! Bang! Bang! Time for the Crowned Royal Slice Master Championship or the CRSMC”, The Announcer announced with the CRMSC logo behind him. It started with 32 contestants then round by round the contestants number dropped until the last 2 were left standing in the semi finals. In the Finals the contestants had to slice apart 77 cabbage shaped grey stone statues in under 2 minutes. The contestants nervously sliced the cabbages but one did not make it so the CRMSC champion was given the CRMSC Crown Kartana.

  6. Bailey 100WC Week 32
    The round cabbage was grey and bang! Nervously then it was 3:00 pm in the morning at the time it was a sunday it was cold at the time i could not see said lad. Lad was sad because he couldn’t talk to the other lads at the other side of the bridge because they had to think who would go on one side of a bridge because if they could help each other they could but there were two sides but they need to find four it took a year for them to escape so they were trapped all year from 2990 to 2991.

  7. Brady 100 WC May 20
    These two dudes went to a store and bought cabbages. When they brought them in the house they noticed one of the cabbages was not round. So they didn’t eat it and they put it in the fridge overnight so they could show it off to the town. When they walked around town they saw this little kid stomping cuz he was mad that he didn’t get a toy car. The man showed the boy the wild cabbage and they gave him the cabbage to play with. When they got the cabbage back the kid tried to hit it so they brought it to the house and they noticed that the cabbage started turning gray after 3 days. They got nervous on the fourth day because it got mushy. One of them nervously brought it to the table to see if it was okay but it fell on the floor and it made a big bang. After it hit the floor they figured they should throw it away like a normal person!

  8. Brenda 100wc week 32
    one day I was walking to the store. But I couldn’t find the store so I keeped going around and around till I found it.The only thing I needed was cabbage. Then when I got home I started to cut the cabbage up but then there was a loud bang and as being me I nervously opend the door. It was a man with a grey shirt and I did not know who it was but then my sister came out of nowhere and said”that is my friend” and then I left.Then I went back to the kitchen to finished cuting my cabbage.

  9. Anaya 100WC Week 32
    I was on a cruise for summer and got dared to eat a grey cabbage, so I nervously ate it . Before I could even put it in my mouth,I felt a big bang from the ship which made me swallow the cabbage whole and so everyone started laughing at me. And started to go round in circles to try and get the cabbage out at this point it was impossible. I was finally able to get it out and for the rest of the day I was on water slides and in the pool just relaxing as if nothing happened.

  10. Nicola 100wc week32
    First bad thing that happened was I woke up. And I trip on a round ball then I went to brush my teeth and I tasted mayonnaise because someone in my family ate something in the bathroom and dropped mayonnaise on my toothpaste. Then I use real toothpaste and went to eat breakfast. Ew today breakfast is cabbage soup and cabbage smoothie. I hate cabbage. I knew almost late for school so I ran out of my house and I saw grey sky and I’m halfway to school and I heard bang and I walk nervously I hoping doesn’t rain.

  11. Maddy 100WC Week 32
    One day I was shopping in a grocery store. I needed cabbage and when I went to the vegetable aisle I saw one round cabbage. When I grabbed the cabbage another person grabbed the cabbage too. I said sorry to him, did you want the cabbage? He said it was okay for me to have the last cabbage so I thanked him. In a couple of minutes I was done shopping and I saw the guy that let me have the last cabbage. Then I saw that he dropped his gray shoes and they went bang on the ground. I ran to him and picked up his shoes nervously and gave them back to him. He thanked me and I said your welcome to him then I was done with paying for the groceries I went back home.

    1. What a lovely story, Maddy. Your character showed such kindness and every part of the story is very clearly described so it is easy to follow. I like the way you describe returning the shoes to the man. I can just imagine your character being nervous about that.

  12. Katreen 100WC week 32

    It was a hot summer morning when I was taking a walk. I was in Nebraska so it was kinda windy but there were a lot of farms. I saw a cabbage patch that was perfectly round like a circle. I took a piece of paper with me to jot down whatever I saw, I saw horses, pigs, chickens, and a garden! It was getting dark so I was making my way back home when I saw a gray…woman? I was so confused. Then, when it came closer, I heard a bang. I started running, I got to my aunt’s house and went to bed. I went on another walk the next day and I came across the same cabbage batch. It was stinky now so I nervously picked it up, and that gray woman appeared.

  13. Zephiah 100wc week 32

    One day, the Perez family went to Great Scotts. Once they got there Chris, was playing an arcade game. Chris was going to the table, “Let’s go,” his mom said. ” Hold on just one more round.”Chris said, Once Chris finished he went to the table. “Hey guys are you ready to order your drinks?” The waitress asked, They said yeah, ” can I have water with lemon?” Chris asked nervously. Once they got their drinks they were ready to order. Chris ordered a salad with some cabbage. The waitress wrote the salad with cabbage on her gray notebook and bang she brought there food.

    1. Hello Zephiah,
      You were able to use all five prompt words in your story of weekend adventures. Well done.
      I liked your use of speech in the story. It helps readers better understand the thoughts of your characters.
      Keep writing and sharing.
      Ross Mannell (Team 100WC)
      Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  14. Elijah
    100WC Week 32

    It was a nice day. I was just relaxing because I had nothing else to do. And it was the weekend normally we have something planned on the weekend my little brother was eating cabbage
    But then suddenly I heard a loud bang so I went to go investigate so I nervously opened my door
    And saw that a pan had fallen over the biggest pan that we owned so that’s why it made a huge bang sound. Why do kitchen pans have to be gray? Probably because it’s made out of metal so the heat of the oven doesn’t melt the pan that’s why you can’t use plastic.

  15. 100 wc week 32

    One day a person was mean to a kid and then there was a bang and it was loud outside when it was and he was NERVOUSLY and he was scared and. he ran away He was so scared He was at his house and then one day he seen gray pants on the floor and he picked them up and put. them in his closet and he saw other stuff all round the house and there was some cabbage all outside and was so mad that he went to a new house. and he went to his moms house in till he can buy a house.

  16. Jacob week 32 5 / 19 / 22 100 wc

    One day I was waking up and I wanted to go see if they had cabbage.Then I heard this loud bang and it was this round cabbage and when I was walking over I was nervous and I was walking through this grey passageway to find what was happening. Then I thought about going home to go call my friend to see if they want to hang out. The park so we could talk about stuff then I got so tired i had to go he brush my teeth and go to sleep

  17. Damian 100WC Week 32

    I love pretty much all vegetables, except onions, so I like mushrooms, cabbage, carrots, and another random round of them. I once bartered 10 carrot bags for lunch, and that was yesterday! I finished all of them at 2:00 and I started eating at 1:05! My favorite minecraft mob is the wither storm, and my sister is the gray wolf. I always beat her in competitions and she nervously waits at every corner. One time I challenged her to a match, played a 3 2 1 gun shot youtube video, it went 3! 2! 1! BANG and I beat her within 5 seconds.

  18. 100 WC week 32
    One day i was walking round the band concert. It was fun and cool. The clouds were turning gray like it was going to snow or rain so I had to go home. When i got home i had to help my mom cut the cabbage i was nervously cutting the cabbage i hate how i cut i get scared to cut stuff. The next day the clouds were still gray but there was not rain or snow it was weird because it said it was going to snow or rain i remember it said yesterday it was supposed to rain or snow but what happend?

  19. Greetings from Australia Gracie. Congratulations on your response to this week’s challenge. It is not easy to create a coherent text from random words. I can see you generate interesting ideas for writing. I like your choice to make this text a personal recount. Remember to use a capital ‘I’ when referring to yourself. You are a very important person! 😊🌻

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